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Villa Des Fleurs with Chloe Tozer

When it came to updating their home in Peregian Beach, Queensland, Chloe Tozerand her partner Jack Clissold embraced a denouement full of history and character. The founder of CLO Studios, an acclaimed interior design atelier and boutique, is not one to shy away from color, texture and silhouette. To the contrary, inspired by the couple’s globe-trotting travels, Villa des Fleurs houses an exceptional collection of antique and vintage souvenirs showcased with contemporary flair.

Styling by Emma Bestek 
Photography by Lillie Thompson

What was your vision when it came to designing Villa des Fleurs?

We wanted to create a villa that felt like it always existed in France or Morocco. An escape from our busy lives and a place to retreat to, surrounded by all our art and objects collected from our travels. Our vision was to create a home that felt like an extension of us.

How do the interiors align with CLO Studios’ signature aesthetic, and in what ways do they diverge?

My creative direction is all about celebrating artisanal skill, and traditional methods of creating. The foundations of CLO Studios were built from my experiences traveling and being inspired by culture and stories. I think there is something so beautiful about bringing together different objects from opposite corners of the world and the same theory is evident in our home. In our drawing room we have a handmade rug from India, the sofa fabric is handwoven in Morocco, the coffee table a teak tree stump from Indonesia, the floor lamp sourced in France, and a painting by an Australian artist. Design should be a celebration and expression of self.

Tell us a bit about the history of the building. What original features did you preserve and what updates did you introduce?

The original house already had a beautiful Mediterranean feeling, with some iconic 70s beach house features we wanted to retain like the exposed raked timber ceiling and curved kidney shape pool. While we aimed to reuse as much as possible in the renovation process, when we did need to make selections, we went for more artful and less commercial finishes. Our terracotta roof tiles were locally sourced from left over roofing projects, we loved the idea of having a collection of different terracotta tones and using a by-product of the building industry that would have otherwise been waste.

The renovation was extensive. While retaining the original footprint we modified the floor plan to have more connection to our outdoor spaces, as well as adding a master suite with a Juliette balcony. We removed walls and cut in more windows to allow more light into the interior and maximize the vast hinterland views and ocean glimpses.

You live on the Sunshine Coast, known for its temperate climes and picturesque natural surroundings. How did you reference the setting in the interiors?

The house is set at the highest point of the block and is orientated to the North which allows gorgeous cool ocean breezes, a welcome relief during our hot summers. We chose to render the whole exterior and interior of the home with Rockcote as it known for its environmental rating and thermal properties. The walls are not only beautiful and cool but bring so much warmth to our space, creating a cozy feeling as the seasons change.

"There is something so beautiful about bringing together different objects from opposite corners of the world."

With a background in fine art and jewelry design, you have a real eye for detail. What are some favorite pieces that you sourced?

All of our ornaments and treasures we’ve collected over the years spent in souks and flea markets now decorate the walls, mantles and coffee tables of our house. As well as being fixated on details everything for me must have a story, like our 1950s fireplace screen from Atelier Marolles we found at Saint Ouen Le Puces in Paris. We are huge animal lovers so when we stumbled upon this piece, we knew it would soon become a hero piece in our living room.

What advice would you give to someone who is looking to curate more unique objects for their space?

Sourcing art and treasures connects you to community. When I’m traveling, I love to explore local art fairs and flea markets, I’m intrigued by history and love to ask a lot of questions. Another way is to collect family heirlooms. Our home has a collection of adored pieces passed down from family, my grandmother had an antiques store and I think I have inherited her love of collecting.

We spotted our Agra rug in a few hues – Midnight in the living room, Bordeaux in the bedroom and Burnt Umber in the reading nook. How did you approach the use of color throughout the home?

When choosing colors for my home, I loved working with contrasting combinations. I love the rich colors and tones of the Agra family and wanted to start with deeper base colors. The soft texture and natural movement of the wool really comes alive with the darker colors. In our master suite, we were drawn to a color combination of purple, yellow and red, and the result is incredibly warm and inviting. Our living room features the Agra in Midnight and the dark blue against the bright orange of our sofa feels like a sunrise over the ocean.

Each room is full of warmth and texture. Do you have any tips on contrasting contemporary accents and elements with more of a patina?

We wanted our finishes to feel as natural as possible, like they always existed in this home. We love imperfection and we tried to go against modern building techniques and encourage traditional practices. We believe it softens the feeling of a home while also making it feel more old-world and elegant. My biggest tip would be to use timeless natural materials and apply them in a playful way to experience them in your own light.

The outdoor space offers a whole other world for entertaining and unwinding – what’s been getting the most use from you and your guests?

Living in Queensland, we love to entertain in our back yard. We designed our pool and garden around a woodfired oven. We love Sunday afternoons at home, cooking for our friends and family barefoot under the shade of our macadamia tree. Our veggie and herb garden is conveniently located next to our oven, on hand for toppings and garnishes.

Finally, interiors or otherwise, what has been inspiring you lately?

Getting ready for the biggest ritual of all, our upcoming wedding in Morocco this May.