Exterior view of the Boonburrh House by CLO Studios

The Boonburrh House by CLO Studios

Located on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, the Boonburrh House by CLO Studios is simply breathtaking, with a tropical-meets-modernist architecture that seamlessly links the boutique property to its natural surroundings. We spoke to creative director Chloe Tozer and interior designer Katrina Mair about how the location, overlooking Noosa National Park and Laguna Bay, informed the rich materials, organic palettes and earthy furnishings that give this unconventional coastal home its­­ life force.

Interior design by CLO Studios. Architecture by Frank Macchia. Photography by Caitlin Mills.

Stairs of the Boonburrh House by CLO Studios
Outside bath of the Boonburrh House by CLO Studios

Describe the CLO Studios aesthetic. Is there a common thread between all the spaces you design?

Of late we feel there has been one, and it’s a real draw to earthy connectivity. Which is really exciting for us as we love using local artisans, drawing on the color palette of the Noosa environment and national parks.

Living room of the Boonburrh House by CLO Studios

Tell us about your brief for the Boonburrh Project. What were the client’s “must-haves”?

The house is a deconstruction of a conventional home, pulled apart in logical elements. This was the base of the design, connecting each space and environment to the Noosa National Park which they sit beside. The brief was simple – to draw all inspiration in terms of texture and color from the fauna and flora beyond the home’s walls. The goal was to live simply in a calming, clutter-free environment.

Living room of the Boonburrh House by CLO Studios

"The brief to draw all inspiration from the fauna and flora beyond the home’s walls."

The landscape around the seaside property is quite lush. How did you create such a seamless transition between the indoors and outdoors?

Using natural materials was the perfect link for the interior. The architectural base being such a rich black allowed us to introduce soft, subtle, earthy colors. We layered these materials on top of each other to create interest. The base was always large-scale grounded Armadillo rugs. In the living space and media room we used the beautiful Egyptian rugs. In the bedrooms, the River rug in Quarry was a perfect textural complement to the layered aged linen.

Media room of the Boonburrh House by CLO Studios
Exterior view of the Boonburrh House by CLO Studios

Whether it be a particular room or a unique object, what is your favorite feature of the home?

Mine is the little corner by the fireplace. Now that winter is coming, I’m dreaming about the sound of the ocean while sitting beside the warmth of the fire. You feel so protected whilst the home is so open and connected to the outdoor elements. It really is a wonderful feeling throughout the house.

My favorite piece has to be the logs. Because we kept the design simple, this element flowed throughout the home to serve many purposes. It was specifically special for me because we went to a dear friend of mine’s land to select some old Blackbutt trees that had been electrocuted and had to come down. It’s a nice way to use renewable resources and support local.

Fireplace of the Boonburrh House by CLO Studios

Are there any colors, textures and materials you were drawn to for this project?

The house is surrounded by 20+ pandanus trees visible from every room, and we pulled an element of them into each and every space.

We’re honored to have a few of our rugs scattered throughout the residence. How would you advise our customers in choosing rugs for their homes?

We love a rug that grounds a space or lands a piece of furniture. Don’t be afraid to go big. We love the ability to custom-size rugs for all of our clients’ spaces.

I like to start with a color, whether that be the color of a sofa or the color of the rug. I then connect them. I love that the Agra Collection now comes with so many customized options so you can always find the perfect combination from neutral to bold to earthy.

Bedroom of the Boonburrh House by CLO Studios
Bathroom of the Boonburrh House by CLO Studios

What’s your advice for creating a home that will defy trends?

We like to draw inspiration for our concepts from the property history, the land and the client’s history so we are creating a space that’s timeless because it’s connected to the past.

Are there any new colors, textures and materials you’re looking forward to experimenting with this year?

I’m into the vibrancy of color right now! I’m loving anything from French blues and buttery yellows, and in combination.

The opposite to Chloe! I’m feeling really connected and inspired by rich, deep, dark tones – from forest greens to rich chocolates to rusts. I love playing with them together.

Dining room of the Boonburrh House by CLO Studios

Finally, we can’t help but ask – what is your favorite Armadillo rug to have underfoot?

It’s got to be the Egyptian rug for me. It’s an anomaly, it’s made of jute. It has so much texture in its color yet it’s so soft. I love it.

Well, in my new office I just put down the Agra rug in Oyster! I can’t help but take my heels off during the day to enjoy the softness.

Exterior view of the Boonburrh House by CLO Studios
Exterior view of the Boonburrh House by CLO Studios

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