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Goop Villa by Ronen Lev

In celebration of Goop’s 15th anniversary, founder Gwyneth Paltrow unveiled a two-bedroom, two-bathroom villa at the iconic Colony Hotel in Palm Beach, enabling guests to immerse themselves in the world of the coveted lifestyle brand. We spoke to her collaborator, interior designer Jessica Kamel of Ronen Lev, about bringing a touch of European flair to the vibrant coastal setting through color, pattern and texture.

Photography by Carmel Fasano Brantley

What was your brief when it came to designing the residence?

The initial brief was first and foremost to create a special and memorable experience that reflects the essence of Goop and its journey over the past 15 years. The brief also included the goal of collaborating with The Colony Hotel to transform one of their villas within the historic property into a unique and bookable space that aligns with Goop's brand values.

How does the aesthetic reflect the Goop brand?

In terms of the desired design direction, we wanted to blend a modern, feminine Parisian aesthetic with the vibrant spirit of Palm Beach. Our goal was to transport guests into an immersive experience that felt like they were visiting a summer house in the south of France, staying in a chic friend's apartment in Paris, or enjoying a weekend getaway at a Palm Beach hotel.

"Materiality is a glamorous thread in the villa design. Armadillo's rugs are timeless, transitional, and cozy."

The estate that now houses The Colony’s villas debuted a century ago. How did you honor this architectural heritage?

Given that the project involved renovating a historic property, our primary focus was preserving the authenticity and charm of the original structure. Balancing the modern, feminine Parisian aesthetics of Goop with the vibrant spirit of Palm Beach required careful consideration. We consistently revisited the need to ensure that these two elements harmonized and complemented each other seamlessly throughout the design process.

Once we had our design concept in place, we got to work planning the architectural transformation that gives the villa its unique character. This involved completely revamping the old kitchen, living room and bathrooms, essentially giving us a fresh canvas to work with. We created an open-concept kitchen, seamlessly merging it with the living room. Our focus was on carefully selecting architectural elements, particularly emphasizing arched details and organic forms throughout the space. Our deliberate decision to incorporate these elements aimed to evoke a sense of fluidity and grace, adding depth and character to the villa, elevating it from a simple renovation to a space that truly embodies the aesthetic and ambiance we wanted for Goop.

What are some key styling elements you sourced to achieve the “Paris meets Palm Beach” look?

The aesthetic leans towards timelessness, with a nod to classic design elements that transcend trends. It carries a feminine touch, evident in the gentle color palette featuring shades of blush, gray, and seafoam, as well as the incorporation of floral motifs and graceful curves within the design. Materiality is a glamorous thread in the villa design, incorporating rattan, marble, antiqued mirror and mohair, while tones of blush, gray, seafoam and green nod to Goop and The Colony Hotel’s signature hues. The design pays homage to the villa's dual influences weaving together woven textures and floral motifs, and organic forms. This blend is a heartfelt tribute to the elegance and romance of Paris and the natural beauty of Palm Beach.

The villa is filled with a curated selection of vintage furnishings and furnishings from the prestigious Invisible Collection, which include the masterful artisans of Atelier Vine, Pierre Augustin Rose and Sandra Benhamou; furniture by Furniture Marolles and CB2; and rugs by Armadillo throughout the space.

How did you go about choosing rugs that complemented the furniture and furnishings?

Our goal was to craft an immersive and opulent experience that goes beyond the confines of traditional design styles, and beyond Paris and Palm Beach. We knew that Armadillo rugs would help us to achieve that – the rugs are timeless, transitional and cozy.

Bookings opened last November. What is your intention for how guests will feel when they stay here?

We are absolutely thrilled with the final result of the villa. It stands out as a truly unique space, distinct from any of the other villas at The Colony. We hope guests will feel fully immersed in the world of Goop.