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For Art's Sake

Last month marked the tenth edition of the FOG Design+Art Fair in San Francisco. To celebrate the acclaimed event, stylist RosySF transformed our showroom in Presidio Heights into a gallery showcasing the imaginative works of eight emerging artists from diverse backgrounds. Following the idea of a ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’, where different art forms are presented together as a collective whole, plinths were adorned with a careful arrangement of sculptures and objets d’art and placed atop our sumptuous Eden rug. With its velvety allure, the handcrafted rug acted as a beautiful canvas and the central harmonizing force for the interplay of artistic brilliance.

Styling and photography by RosySF

Saguaro Glass by The Long Confidence (right)
Works by Rae Godin (left) & Ruth Charlotte Kneass (right)
Works by Johnathan Cross (left) & Lisa Viscardi (right)

The Long Confidence

The design studio of Rafi Aji is process-driven, pursuing creations that lean to the graceful and gestural. Their Saguaro Glass pieces, handmade from large molds that vary in scale and complexity, simply ooze emotion. 

Jesse Schlesinger

A multidisciplinary artist and second-generation carpenter, Jesse’s work shows a reverence for the materials – concrete, wood, metal, stone, coral. His sculptures feel almost timeless, referencing nature as well as architectural forms.

Rafi Aji of The Long Confidence (left) & Jesse Schlesinger (right)

Justin Hoffman

Inspired by Japanese ceramicists, Justin’s work blurs the line between sculpture, vessel and three-dimensional object. An instinctual, almost improvisational artist, he creates each form almost in the moment, ensuring it has a soul of its own.

Justin Zielke

An acclaimed visual artist, Justin’s artistic repertoire spans classical sculpture, stop-frame animation, 3D scanning and photography. His enigmatic pieces have an introspective feel, exploring the concept of embodied cognition.

Justin Hoffman (left) & Justin Zielke (right)

Jonathan Cross

A sculptor and ceramicist, Jonathan is known for his mastery of the ancient wood-firing process. His works feel at once cutting-edge and rudimentary; looming silhouettes, with a textural patina that recalls prehistoric artifacts.

Lisa Viscardi

Lisa brings a gentle touch to her ceramic practice, resulting in one-of-a-kind stoneware vessels that evoke a sense of clarity and calm. Organic shapes and muted palettes belie the effort involved in smoothing out the clay.

Johnathan Cross (left) & Lisa Viscardi (right)

Rae Godin

Playful and provocative, Rae’s sculptures almost feel like performance art. Described as maximalist ornamentations contained within minimalist forms, viewers are almost compelled to maneuver around the pieces.

Ruth Charlotte Kneass

Ruth’s grounded yet gravity-defying works are kinetic. Drawing on her boat-building background and skill with an array of tools (including hammer, chisel, chainsaw and lathe), they incorporate materials ranging from wood, marble and metal to rope and bamboo.

Rae Godin (left) & Ruth Charlotte Kneass (right)