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Armadillo x House of Grey: The Ellipse Collection

The Armadillo and House of Grey collaboration celebrates a shared ethos of design as a doorway to a better future. Our Ellipse Collection with the UK-based interior design practice, led by Louisa Grey, is underpinned by a set of values based on the concept of sustainability and making conscious choices in the home.

Umbra rug by Armadillo X House of Grey
Rug by Armadillo X House of Grey

“We have a longstanding collaborative relationship, with Louisa styling several of our previous campaigns, so it felt effortless working together,” says Armadillo co-founder Jodie Fried. “Beyond an aesthetic appreciation, we both believe in curating meaningful, ever-evolving spaces unswayed by the tastes of the day.”

This aligned ethos advocates the ‘purchase well’ mindset – by acquiring only what is needed and investing in natural, handcrafted objects of impeccable quality, and hence beautiful longevity.

Armadillo x House of Grey collection of rugs

The philosophy behind the collection is one of designing spaces that nurture a gentler pace of life. Removing visual distractions and replacing them with subtle sensory experiences balances the overwhelm created by our busy, overstimulated lives.

Umbra wall hanging
Terra Rug from Armadillo x House of Grey
“By curating the home into more of a personal retreat, we feel more at peace with our place in the world and are better able to connect deeply with the people around us,” explains Louisa.

This quiet approach to design reclaims the home so it feels calmer and clears the mind, which in turn steadies the beat of our day-to-day lives closer to the cadence of nature.

Umbra rug from Armadillo x House of Grey

Taking us on a journey of textures, from the raw and organic to the sensual and refined, the collection satisfies our insatiable craving for nature by bringing organic forms, tones and textures into the interior of the home.

“We were driven to create pieces of integrity that simply could not be found elsewhere,” explains Sally Pottharst, Armadillo’s co-founder. “We sought to evoke a sense of tranquillity while pushing the envelope in terms of innovation and technique.”

Perilune Wall Hanging from Armadillo x House of Grey
Perilune rug from Armadillo x House of Grey

Each rug is pared back to its very essence, tailored and sculpted to encourage visual and tactile exploration as well as individual introspection. Handcrafted in premium jute, New Zealand wool and pure silk, in a range of daring and experimental weaves and finishes, the collection is alive to nature’s tempo.

Etoile rug from Armadillo x House of Grey

Each rug is made from carefully sourced natural fibers that are either left in their original state or hand-dyed and sun-dried for abundant texture. The yarns are then meticulously hand-knotted by our weavers on traditional looms, resulting in a soulful and enduring product to be cherished for years to come – a slow and symbiotic process of craftsmanship works in synergy with nature.

Etoile rug from Armadillo x House of Grey
Etoile rug from Armadillo x House of Grey

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Photography by Emma Lee