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Form and Formula with Jonnie Vigar of Leif

To celebrate the launch of Barefoot, a plant-based rug refresher and concentrated spot cleaner created in collaboration with Leif, we spoke to their co-founder Jonnie Vigar. Known for their botanical care products, Leif is a design-led brand that wholeheartedly celebrates its Australian roots and champions innovations in sustainability. Jonnie shared how the partnership with Armadillo came to fruition and why transparency is so important to customers today.


Forward Thinking with Alexander &CO.

For Jeremy Bull, the bigger picture has always loomed large. The founder of architecture and interior design studio Alexander &CO. has an expansive worldview that discerns the long-reaching impact of the simplest design decision. We spoke to Jeremy and marketing director Tess Glasson about the social and environmental considerations that have shaped their practice and why it was so important to undergo certification as a B Corp. Portrait by Alicia Taylor. Project photography by Anson Smart.


Taking Shape with Danya Ahmed

Danya Ahmed, founder of Gray Gardens Plant Studio, has always leaned into life’s unexpected twists and turns. Born in Ohio, she emigrated to her ancestral homeland of Lebanon after studying fine art. While spending two years living in a remote mountain village, she started experimenting with concrete to create raw yet sensual planters. We reached out to the artist to learn more about these architectural yet organic vessels that elevate the humble potted plant into a living sculpture.


An Homage to Artisanship

Located on bustling Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice, CA, Stahl + Band is a haven of art and design. Opened by Jeffery Molter in 2016, the showroom and gallery has a rich history as the former studio of artist and actor Dennis Hopper. Today, it houses an ever-rotating collection of furniture, lighting and art from around the world, including pieces of Jeffery’s own design. We spoke to the curator and creative director about his passion for artisan craft. Styling & Photography of San Francisco Showroom by Rosy Strazzeri-Fridman

Restored Palazzotto in Salento, Puglia

Casa Soleto by Studio Andrew Trotter and Marcelo Martínez

In the Salento area of Puglia, stands a 17th century palazzotto, lovingly restored by Studio Andrew Trotter and Marcelo Martínez to give guests an authentic experience of Italian village life centered around the experience of barefoot luxury. For twenty years, the labyrinth property remained unoccupied – furniture, books and photos from previous residents left untouched inside as if time stood still. Architect and interior designer Andrew Trotter has majestically brought Casa Soleto into the twenty-first century while preserving its historic features. We spoke to him about the importance of craftsmanship and how earthy, natural materials can create a feeling of ease. Photography by Salva Lopez

Project by Well Received

From The Ground Up With Julie Van Daele

Julie Van Daele’s foray into interior design is proof that one should never pass up an opportunity. The founder of Well Received began her career in New York, working in public relations and marketing, but always harbored a passion for art and design. After relocating to California and building her dream home, Julie instinctively pivoted into the interiors industry, where she has become renowned as much for her warm personality as her textural aesthetic. We spoke to the designer about being authentic in life and work, and interweaving her personal style into the homes of clients.