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Our Philosophy

At Armadillo, our philosophy of “Quiet Living” embraces the principles of slow design.

Evolving from the wider Slow Movement, founded in 1986, we advocate for a cultural shift towards a gentler pace of life that is kinder to individuals, communities and the environment.

Our ethos is to create thoughtful and intuitive products that will satisfy real human needs and restore meaning to our lives. Our rugs are crafted from carefully sourced natural materials in a completely handmade process that brings conscious living to the fore, helping us to simplify, slow down and engage more deeply with our spaces as they evolve alongside us.

Below are the six principles of slow design that we hope will inspire new ways of thinking and guide us all towards a more sustainable future – socially, economically and environmentally.

The Principles



Slow design shifts our awareness to question what a product is made from and how it is made. At Armadillo, we value transparency above all. Each of our rugs is handcrafted with care and precision, using natural materials and energy-efficient processes – a gesture in patience that results in a truly unique, soulful product for the benefit of the individual as well as the planet.



Slow design prompts us to consider the appeal of a product beyond its obvious functions and aesthetic. Whilst practical and beautiful, our rugs are intended to bring a meaningful presence to daily life. Made for sensory enjoyment, they subtly shape our mood, energy and emotion, grounding us and balancing the overwhelm created by our busy, overstimulated, technology-driven lives.



Slow design encourages conscious consumption, prompting us to be more mindful about what we bring into our homes. In a world full of mass-produced, trend-driven products, we want individuals to purchase less but purchase well. Our homes should shine a light on what we truly value and that means acquiring only what is needed and will bring true joy.



Slow design reflects our inherent interdependence, cultivating a sense of collaboration. This resonates through the journey each rug makes, from the hands of our artisans to the home of its eventual custodians. We design rugs that will be ever-present reminders of our human interconnectedness, fostering constant exploration as well as introspection.



Slow design is inclusive, bringing communities closer together by empowering each individual to make a difference. By bringing an Armadillo rug into the home, our customers are not just passive onlookers but active upholders of an age-old legacy of craftsmanship that is ethical and sustainable, helping us to make a lasting impact in the world around us.



Slow design celebrates longevity through products that become richer with time. Our rugs have an enduring beauty and impeccable quality, gradually developing an authentic patina embedded with its owner’s story. They are objects for ongoing delight and discovery, designed to age gracefully as they accompany us through life’s experiences, from one generation to the next.