as unexpected as it is beautiful

our rugs lie lightly on this earth.


Our rugs are the work of artisans whose intricate weaving traditions are passed down through generations. The preservation of these age old skills and the income they bring are vital. More than ten pairs of hands are required to create and finish each rug. Every purchase enhances the lives of our weavers and their communities, giving them a means to improve living standards and enjoy a discretionary income.
Each rug is nurtured on its journey from fibre to finished product by the skilled hands of our dyers, weavers and finishers. The 100% handmade process results in them being imbued with a unique character. We also give careful consideration to our environmental foot print. Our rugs frequently travel between villages by way of more eco-friendly transport, such as motorbikes and bicycles.




Hand dyeing and sun drying add abundant texture and vibrancy to our yarn. Recipes are finessed through experience. For small batches, our artisans’ tools are a fire, a stirring rod and a saucepan as the dye bath. Large ones use a hand turned pole studded with hoops, off which the skeins are hung, dipping in and out of the cauldron of benzene-free dye.


Yarn Preparation

Using traditional hand powered winders, our artisans deftly guide armfuls of wool as it twists, filling spindles with richly textured yarn ready for the shuttles and weaving.


Our rug designs make use of the traditional weaving styles of our artisans’ communities, reinterpreted for contemporary interiors. Our weavers work side by side on ancient looms to craft our flat weave, loop pile and braided rugs. Hand looming and hand stitching instils each one with subtle character and timeless appeal.


Gentle washing allows our rugs to shrink just enough to tighten up the weave, increase durability and remove any impurities from their travels. Our artisans use wooden paddles to push soapy water over both sides before rinsing them in the same way. Each rug is stitched to a frame and dried in sunshine. This sets its shape and enhances the fibre’s appearance.


Hand finishing ensures each rug is as beautiful and well made as it can be. Every edge and surface is given attention by our artisans, who skilfully scissor and stitch errant threads and the turnover at each end. This final pursuit of perfection delivers a rug that is almost flawless, yet rich with warmth and ideal for today’s interiors.