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Host Dry Cleaning Kit

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Armadillo&Co recommend using Host Dry Carpet Cleaner for dry stains that cannot be removed with a mild detergent. It is an environmentally friendly dry cleaning product that works very well on natural fibre rugs and carpets.

HOST® is the leading dry extraction carpet cleaning method. HOST is recommended by carpet manufacturers and fiber producers worldwide.

HOST is used daily to clean high traffic areas in airports, restaurants and hospitals, so imagine how well HOST can clean your carpets at home!

No wet carpet
No sticky, soapy residue left behind
No filling or dumping of water
No chemicals to mix
Removes dust mites and other allergens
Safe for all types of carpet
Carpet stays cleaner longer
Safe for people and pets
What is the HOST System?

Advanced Formula HOST Sponges Carpet Cleaner is a soft, natural product that is environmentally friendly. HOST Cleaner is a soft, natural product moistened with water, detergent and a small amount of safe-to-use-solvent.

The HOST Sponges Cleaner dissolves, absorbs and traps soil, spots and odors as it cleans, and is removed by vacuuming. Your carpet is clean, dry and ready to use and enjoy right away! Matted carpets are revived and once again become soft to the touch.

Indoor Air Quality with HOST

Carpet plays in important and healthful role in filtering the air indoors. It traps and holds soil, dust and allergens. The vertical pile of carpet traps and holds many times its weight in small particles, including dust and allergens that enter the indoor environment and descend onto it from above. Substantial research suggests that carpet does not release these elements back into the air. However, just as it is important to clean or replace a furnace or HVAC filter, it’s important to routinely clean carpets.

The HOST System of applying HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner to the carpet, brushing it through the carpet and then vacuuming up the HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner removes dirt and reduces allergens. Research studies have shown that one cleaning with the HOST System using HOST Machines reduces: Dust mites by 78%, Dust Mite Allergen by 75%, Cat Allergen by 85%, Mold Spores by 85%. EPA Establishment No. 074202-WI-001)

This study was also presented in July 1996, at the Seventh International IAQ Conference in Nagoya , Japan

Dust Mite Allergen

A study of 25 homes in Wisconsin was conducted to determine the effect of HOST Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning on dust mites. The study showed a 78% drop in the average mite count. An extended study of 63 homes in Georgia and Wisconsin showed mite allergen decreased by 75% one day after HOST Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning.

This research has been peer reviewed and was one of only 500 papers worldwide that was accepted for presentation at the Sixth International Conference on Indoor Air Quality and the Environment in Helsinki , Finland .

Pet Dander

Pet allergens are one of the top indoor allergens to which people are sensitive. In 1995 and 1996, several homes with a cat in the residence for at least one year, were studied for the presence of cat allergens and the effects of HOST Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning in reducing them.

The study established that cat allergens (dander, hair and saliva) in carpet can be decreased 85% with a single HOST Dry Extraction Cleaning of carpet. A second cleaning reduces the number of these allergens to even lower levels.

This study was presented in July 1996, at the Seventh International IAQ Conference in Nagoya , Japan .

Mould and Mould Spores

Mould spores travel with wind current and are deposited on all indoor and outdoor surfaces. Mould allergens are found virtually everywhere in residential and commercial environments.

Indoor Air Quality research showing HOST removes mould spores was confirmed by studies conducted in Wisconsin and Georgia . Mould spore levels in the Georgia test homes (humid climate decreased by 85%, while levels in the Wisconsin homes (temperate climate) decreased by 94%.

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