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The Anganwadi Project

The Anganwadi Project builds simple, safe and sustainable learning spaces for children in the urban slums of Gujarat, India. Children between 6 months and 6 years old, of all denominations, benefit from a nurturing environment as well as receiving education, hygiene, nutrition and love.

The project is run with volunteer teams of qualified Australian design professionals and architects who travel to India to design and build these preschools. They pay their own way and give their time free of charge.

The Anganwadi Project is a not for profit organisation relying solely on donations from individuals and companies for funding. Armadillo&Co’s Jodie Fried is currently the President and Sally Pottharst is a Board Member.

In 2014, to celebrate Armadillo&Co’s 5-year anniversary, we held our first auction for the project. The Collage Collection, featured hand crafted weavings based on colourful artworks by preschoolers of The Anganwadi Project. The sale of 20 artworks raised funds for two preschools, Anganwadi #12 and #13, with money towards a third.

Our auction in 2015 of the Origami Collection resulted in $16,000, enough to build two more preschools. This collection of ten one-off rugs was also based on preschoolers’ artworks – the result of a joyful day spent with folding paper with Armadillo&Co’s Jackie Jardine when she visited. When the children finished, they insisted Jackie keep their artworks, which we developed into the rug designs.

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