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100% Handmade

100% Handmade


From the hands of those who spin and dye our yarns, to the hands of the artisans who weave and finish our rugs, each one of our products are infused with the rich history of ancient craftsmanship.
Every Armadillo&Co product is 100% handmade by our extended family of artisans using Fair Trade practices.

Our artisans are integral to their local community’s livelihood and most importantly, they are carrying on a lineage that deserves preservation.



Our artisans are our extended family. We treat them all with the care, respect and love one would a father, mother, sister or brother.

Their intricate tradition of carpet weaving has been passed down through generations, from grandparents to young adults. Many of our people are indeed families.

We are excited to share in their lives and to see firsthand how our rugs are benefitting their communities.

Fair Trade

Our weavers are carefully selected for both their hands and their heart. That is, for their skills and their sensitivity to our design vision. Every individual is treated like one.

They are paid above average wages and treated with respect.

Most importantly, they are carrying on a lineage that deserves preservation.


With each of our creations comes a subtle nod to something, someone or somewhere else.

Be it the delicate shadows cast across a room from the light of a window or a brilliant pop of colour seen only in passing, we know that even the most unlikely of moments can be our muse. We draw parallels between the weaves created by our artisans and the textures and colours we find in nature. We look for complexity in the simple and simplicity within the most complex.

Indeed inspiration is all around us, but it is our desire to find beauty in the uncommon, the in-between or the overlooked that drives our creative voice.

Natural & Sustainable

Natural & Sustainable


At Armadillo&Co one of our key values is environmental responsibility.

We strive for our products and processes to leave as little impact on the earth as possible, while using a ‘reuse, reduce and recycle’ philosophy.

We are continuously working to conserve and reduce our resources and energy consumption as we grow.

The materials for our products are carefully sourced and we use natural, recycled and sustainable fibres.


Natural wool is the perfect fibre for creating softer rugs in a broader range of designs and colours. It is remarkably durable and will shrug off dirt and spring back into shape after crushing. It also provides considerable thermal and acoustic insulation properties.

Additionally, wool has strong environmental credentials. It provides air purification and moisture control, helping to create an exceptionally safe and healthy indoor environment. And it is a naturally renewable, biodegradable, recyclable, energy efficient and sustainable fibre.


Hemp features in our Earth, Perennial and Junior collections, Entrance Mat and Table Top ranges. The fibre is extremely strong, durable and environmentally friendly. It softens up and wears in, but not out, with time. These characteristics make it perfect for family living.


Hemp rugs are well suited to people with allergies or pets, as it is naturally dust mite resistant and has anti-microbial properties. It can be vacuumed and cleaned like a wool rug with a mild detergent and a vinegar and water mix to spot clean. The fibre has a lovely lustre when spun into yarn, with a natural colour variation.

Recycled PET Fibres

Our intention to follow a reduce, reuse and recycle philosophy is most visible in our Indoor Outdoor Collection. The recycled PET fibres (polyester) for our rugs come from recycled plastic bottles, with the material sourced locally in India.

Extremely durable, recycled PET fibre is very soft and feels like wool underfoot. It naturally resists stains and mould due to its low absorbency and is easily washed. The fibre is ideal for outdoor areas. It has a higher resistance to fading than natural fibres and can remain outdoors with minimal fading for six months or longer, depending on positioning and use.

Socially Responsible

Socially Responsible


We believe in giving back. It’s the best way we can support those who give so much to us.

We are passionately committed to social responsibility and community involvement. It is vitally important to our brand to support local schools in our weavers’ villages, as well as The Anganwadi Project’s preschools in poverty stricken slums. Every purchase helps provide employment to our extended

family of artisans, as well as education support to local schools in their villages and helps build brighter futures for children in underprivileged communities

We are ardent supporters and members of Care & Fair, an initiative against illegal child labour in the carpet production industry in India, Nepal and Pakistan. Absolutely no children are in any way employed in the making of our products.


Care & Fair

Armadillo&Co’s rugs are produced to the highest ethical standards; every piece embraces Fair Trade practices. All Armadillo&Co rugs have the KALEEN label, which is issued by the Carpet Export Promotion Council of India. We ensure that child labour is not used in manufacture.

We are consciously active when it comes to community involvement and evolvement and happily contribute to local education. We fund the running and expenses of a local school, which works alongside Care & Fair India.

Care & Fair is an initiative against illegal child labour in the carpet production industry in India, Nepal and Pakistan. The school caters for 450 children from 1st – 5th grade, many of whom are the children of our weavers. We are ardent supporters and vocal advocates of this cause.



The Anganwadi Project

The Anganwadi Project builds simple, safe and sustainable learning spaces for children in the urban slums of Gujarat, India. Children between 6 months and 6 years old, of all denominations, benefit from a nurturing environment as well as receiving education, hygiene, nutrition and love.

The project is run with volunteer teams of qualified Australian design professionals and architects who travel to India to design and build these preschools. They pay their own way and give their time free of charge.

The Anganwadi Project is an Australian not for profit organisation relying solely on donations from individuals and companies for funding. Armadillo&Co’s Jodie Fried is currently the President of The Anganwadi Project and Sally Pottharst is a Board Member.

In 2014, to celebrate Armadillo&Co’s 5-year anniversary, we held our first auction for the project. The Collage Collection featured hand crafted weavings based on colourful artworks by children of The Anganwadi Project. The sale of 20 artworks raised funds for two preschools, Anganwadi #12 and #13, with money towards a third.

Our auction in 2015 of the Origami Collection resulted in $16,000, enough to build two more preschools. This collection of 10 one-off rugs was also based on the children’s artworks – the result of a joyful day spent with folding paper with Armadillo&Co’s Jackie Jardine when she visited. When the children finished, they insisted Jackie keep their artworks, which we developed into the rug designs.

Get Involved


We care passionately about our artisans, their children and their communities.

We believe our customers share our desire to give these children the care, education and opportunities that we often take for granted.

You can donate directly to these causes.

The Anganwadi Project or Care & Fair.