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Our Fibres


Natural wool is the perfect fibre for creating softer rugs in a broader range of designs and colours. It is remarkably durable and will shrug off dirt and spring back into shape after crushing. It also provides considerable thermal and acoustic insulation properties.

Additionally, wool has strong environmental credentials. It provides air purification and moisture control, helping to create an exceptionally safe and healthy indoor environment. And it is a naturally renewable, biodegradable, recyclable, energy efficient and sustainable fibre.


Hemp features in our Earth, Perennial and Junior collections, Entrance Mat and Table Top ranges. The fibre is extremely strong, durable and environmentally friendly. It softens up and wears in, but not out, with time. These characteristics make it perfect for family living.

Hemp rugs are well suited to people with allergies or pets, as it is naturally dust mite resistant and has anti-microbial properties. It can be vacuumed and cleaned like a wool rug with a mild detergent and a vinegar and water mix to spot clean. The fibre has a lovely lustre when spun into yarn, with a natural colour variation.

Recycled PET Fibres

Our intention to follow a reduce, reuse and recycle philosophy is most visible in our Indoor Outdoor Collection. The recycled PET fibres (polyester) for our rugs come from recycled plastic bottles, with the material sourced locally in India.

Extremely durable, recycled PET fibre is very soft and feels like wool underfoot. It naturally resists stains and mould due to its low absorbency and is easily washed. The fibre is ideal for outdoor areas. It has a higher resistance to fading than natural fibres and can remain outdoors with minimal fading for six months or longer, depending on positioning and use.